Wood Burning Pellets in Michigan Softwood Pellets for Animal Bedding or Home Heating

Isabella Pellet is under new ownership in our recently updated facility!   We are a Michigan owned and operated manufacturer of premium hardwood heating pellets, softwood heating pellets, and 100 % pine equine bedding pellets. Our company is committed to producing the highest quality, consistent products at affordable prices.  The raw material for both our hardwood and softwood pellets, as well as for our pure pine bedding pellets, is 100% natural and sourced solely from clean sawmill residuals of Michigan timber.  Isabella pellet is located in the heart of Michigan, making shipping simple and economical throughout the state as well as into Ohio and Indiana.



6900 W. Baseline Rd.
Lake Isabella, MI 48893
Phone: 989-644-5007
Fax: 989-644-7039