Wood Burning Pellets in Michigan Softwood Pellets for Animal Bedding or Home Heating

At Isabella Pellet we recognize the importance of reducing equine bedding costs and remain committed to providing the highest quality bedding under our Triple Crown label,  at the best possible prices. Our premium bedding pellets are 100% pure Michigan pine sourced from sawmill residual.  Triple Crown Equine bedding pellets are manufactured under distinct specifications to produce an exceptional bedding pellet that is highly absorbent and low dust.


Pelletized bedding is a superior alternative to shavings.


-Triple Crown bedding pellets are manufactured from 100% red pine, are high quality and low dust, making them an excellent choice for horses with allergies.


-Our pellets will significantly reduce ammonia odor, are highly absorbent, clumping large volumes of liquid waste and drying out solids, make sifting easier and more efficient.


-Once your stalls have been established with bedding originating from pellets, it takes approximately 1-2 bags weekly to maintain stalls.  The majority of our customers report a 30-50% decrease in use of pellets as opposed to shavings with the amount of pelletized bedding needed to maintain stalls and the reduced loss of product during stall clean up. 


Pellets expand up to 5 times their original volume once converted to soft, fine particle bedding with water, see instructions below.




Conversion and Recommended Use


5-6 bags of pellets are required to start a 12’ X 12” stall


Option 1:

  • Pour wood pellets out of package and spread evenly across a clean stall.  
  • Start the expansion process by gently misting the pellets with a garden hose.  Wait 15 minutes for pellets to expand.  
  • Rake the soft, semi-expanded pellets evenly throughout the stall. 
  • Add new pellets and mist with water as needed to maintain approximately a 4” depth of bedding.


Option 2: 

  • Lay bags flat on the ground in a clean stall.  Cut a "X" on one side from corner to corner.  Fold the flaps back.  Add approximately 1 gallon of clean water over the entire contents of the bag.
  • The pellets will begin expanding.  Let product rest for 15 minutes then remove from package and spread evenly through out the stall.  Creating a 4” depth of soft, semi-expanded bedding is recommended.  
  • Approximately 1-2 bags of bedding per week will be needed to refresh and maintain the stall. 
  • Sprinkle or mist new and existing bedding with water as needed to maintain stall






Locate wet spots and manure.  Sift and remove the soiled bedding.  Rake the bedding evenly across the stall adding new pellets to maintain approximately 4 inches of depth.  Sprinkle or mist new and existing pellets with clean water to maintain a soft and supportive cushion for your horses. 


When stalls are established and maintained according to these guidelines, our pelletized bedding will provide significant reduction in labor for cleaning and waste disposal in addition to the reduced consumption of bedding material.  Reduced material and labor costs from using our pelletized bedding translate into big savings for barn owners.