Wood Burning Pellets in Michigan Softwood Pellets for Animal Bedding or Home Heating

The raw material for our premium heating pellets is 100% residual sawmill waste, making our products renewable and ecofriendly.  Both our hardwood and softwood heating pellets exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute requirements for premium wood fuel, are cost efficient, low ash, and at 8,000+ BTUs, have one of the best BTU ratings on the market. Our wood pellets burn very clean with low ash since they are sourced from sawmill residual, not chips, that is free from bark and limb content.  The optimal density of our pellets provide high heat and consistent burn. Pellets are available in 40 lb bags that stack simply for storage and load easily into your wood stove.  Pellets are also available for bulk purchase packaged in 1 ton super sacks.



To ensure the highest quality, our pellets are periodically submitted for independent laboratory testing.


Testing consistently demonstrates ash content less than 0.8% for hardwood heating pellets and less than 0.4% for softwood heating pellets, well below the Pellet Fuel Institute standard for premium heating pellets.


Both our softwood and hardwood heating pellets consistently test above 8,200 BTUs/lb, one of the highest ratings in the industry.